Apollo Bay Farm Stay

Farm stays are fast becoming a Crew favourite! Making the most of the Melbourne short lived summer, in March, we headed down to James’s family farm in Apollo bay. We had access to Great Ocean road views, acres and acres of paddocks and bush, old farm cars, cows, fishing, hiking and all the farm buildings. We were spoilt with choice and freedom to run amuck on the farm! We stayed two nights in the farmhouse, which was full of character. … Read More

Surf Moot 2021

As we do every year, the Old Scotch Rover Crew attended the 2021 Surf Moot, down in Anglesea. It was a fantastic weekend, as it always is, but this year felt even more special as it was some peoples first real large gathering post COVID. We arrived on the Friday night, set up camp and relaxed into the atmosphere of the Moot. Saturday we were awoken by Triple J starting the Hottest 100 count down, another Surf Moot tradition. Saturday … Read More

2020 Reflection

We cannot believe how quickly, yet at times incredibly slowly, 2020 passed by. It was a challenging year for the crew, but through our commitment and resilience we remained an active, connected crew.   I would like to reflect on the year that has been. The year began like any other normal year, with COVID just a whisper on the other side of the world. One weekend that remains a vivid memory was our camping trip to the lodge on … Read More

Crew Executive for 2020

Congratulations to the following new executive members who were elected to lead the Rover Crew for 2020.

Cathedral Ranges Hike

We headed off to the Cathedral Ranges on Friday Night, stopping in Lilydale for dinner. We camped the night at Cook’s Mill Campground, where we had to pay a small fee, however marked sites with inbuilt fire pits and drop toilets including toilet paper were provided. We slept well having set up in a dry patch between rain showers. The next morning we gradually woke up and had breakfast and were then joined by Tim, one of our booted rovers, … Read More


Any large camping trip involves prior organisation, so we met up last Monday at the den to arrange transportation, plan our menu, organise our gear ready to be packed and shop for the bulk of the food. Mudbash would be our first chance to try out some new gear; an updated LED lighting system and a large chef pan. We decided to meet up on Wednesday night to pre-cook our main meals for the camp, which minimises effort and time … Read More

Checking out the Snow

It was the weekend before Mudbash and despite earlier plans to use this weekend to finalise getting our new race car ready to race, we shelved those plans for next year to have a relaxing weekend away. Logistically we ended up heading up on Saturday morning and after turning on the heater in the lodge and dumping our gear, we piled into a car and drove up Mt Margeret in the hope that some of the snow that fell earlier … Read More

Federal Election Fundraising BBQ

This year our scout group was given the opportunity to run a Federal Election Fundraising BBQ, selling the so called “democracy sausages” to our local electorate of Kooyong. We liaised with the rest of our scout group to work out our guesstimated quantity of sausages and drinks to buy and chatted with the church about setting up a tea and coffee stand next to us. We worked out a roster for shifts across the group throughout the day and moved … Read More

Group Working Bee at Elliott Lodge

Friday Night 1st Hawthorn Scout Group organised a working bee on the 13-14th April, which was organised by our Group Leader, David. About half of the crew went up on the Friday night to warm up the Lodge and get a good nights sleep. We woke up bright and early on Saturday morning, ready to get started on our huge weekend of work. Some other members of the Crew joined us on Saturday morning, as well as our Scout Leader, … Read More

Keppel Lookout Hike and Car Working Bee

The crew arrived at the Lodge late on Saturday morning and tidied up the woodbox, before cooking hotdogs for lunch. There was an ant infestation in the pantry, with multiple open sugar packets being attacked with vigour. We disposed of all the open sugar packets that weren’t in Tupperware containers and wiped down the pantry to remove any loose sugar granules. After lunch we went across to the bowling green and took our bash car, Whisky Business, out of the … Read More