Whisky Business


Looking to acquire a Mudbash buggy that runs on commonly found parts and utilising a design familiar to mechanics, the crew obtained a Holden Commodore. We’re still in the process of morphing the street-legal car into a new bash buggy and will update with photos once this process is complete.

Green Label


Born in 2011, Green Label debuted at Mudbash 2011, and continued on to race at Winter Challenge 2011, before being forced to withdraw with a faulty alternator. The faulty alternator has since been fixed and bigger and better alterations are already taking place, the “green label” will be smother than ever.

Green Label returned to racing in 2012, successfully completing Dust Up 2012 and Mudbash 2013.

Green label proved complicated to work on and after an expensive failed attempt to return the car to race-ready condition in 2015, the decision was made to on-sell it to Shepparton Rover Crew, who had a working engine to transplant into our chassis. Green Label is now racing for Shepparton Rover Crew and is enjoying once again tearing around Mafeking Rover Park.

Red Label


Black Label

racing period unknown

Black Label covered in mud at a campsite