Part of the 1st Hawthorn Scout Group, the 1st Hawthorn (Old Scotch Collegians’) Rover Crew has met continuously since the first meeting of the crew on June 8, 1931. The first Rover Scout Leader was Mr Ron Wilson, who was also Group Scout Master for many years. A Scout Hall dedicated to the group’s founder, Rowan MacNeil, was built on the school campus in 1957 and was used by the scout group until it was demolished in 2015. The group has now relocated temporarily to the All Saint’s Church’s Hall, until a new permanent hall for the group is built.

We usually meet at the Scotch College Scout Hall on Monday evenings from 8pm to 10pm, but check our Calendar or Contact Us in case we are out and about. We understand that meeting a group of new people for the first time can be quite daunting for some, so we’d encourage you to bring along a friend.

In addition to our weekly meetings, we also organise camping and hiking trips as a crew and explore the scenic parts of Australia. We’ve visited locations such as Tocumwal on the Murry River, Marysville and Kurth Kiln Campground.

1st Hawthorn Scout Group also has a property in Healesville, Elliott Lodge, which we frequent regularly. As Rovers we also have access to Mafeking Rover Park, Bogong Rover Ski Chalet and the W. F. Waters Rover Ski Lodge at Mt Baw Baw, on top of the various other scouting properties, such as Gilwell Park.

The crew also attends larger scouting events such as Moots (National and Inter-national Rover camps), Surfmoot (a Victorian summer surfing camp), Mudbash (a Victorian car racing winter camp) and Metropolitan Area Rover Ball (commonly referred to as MARB).

Stand Up Paddle-boarding with 1st Elwood Venturers

What are Rovers?

Young men and women join Rovers because they are between 18 and 26 years old and are looking to enjoy friends for life, the outdoors, helping others and challenge. Rovers is the oldest section in Scouts.

The various sections of Scouting, of which Rovers is the oldest.

Some people join Rovers because they have been in Scouting before. Many others join because they know someone who is a Rover. Others see an ad, a website, or see Rovers active in their community, and decide to give it a try!

What’s Rovers about?

Rovers is about friends for life. Crews generally meet weekly, at their local den or out in the community. They have camps and activities as well as parties and other events inside and outside the movement with Rovers from all around the state. The best Crews provide diverse programs that cater to all their members. Many Crews spend so much time together that it develops into an extended friendship group that see each other multiple times a week, whether Rovering or just enjoying each other’s company. Each Crew is unique. They have their own traditions, special interests and personalities. A Rover Crew runs itself, elects a Crew Leader and executive, and are provided support from Rover Advisers and the Region Rover Community.

Rovers is about the outdoors

Rover Crews love to camp. Camping can be a base for hiking, canoeing, motorsport or other activities, or it can simply be a chance to wind down, enjoy some gourmet camp cooking and have a chat.

Rovers have access to a vast range of adventurous activities. Through the Scouting Movement there is a huge network of expertise to help you build your skills or try something new. This also means that activities like snow sports and water sports are cheaper than anywhere else.

Information taken from VicRovers: originally found here