Cathedral Ranges Hike

We headed off to the Cathedral Ranges on Friday Night, stopping in Lilydale for dinner. We camped the night at Cook’s Mill Campground, where we had to pay a small fee, however marked sites with inbuilt fire pits and drop toilets including toilet paper were provided. We slept well having set up in a dry patch between rain showers.

The next morning we gradually woke up and had breakfast and were then joined by Tim, one of our booted rovers, for the hike. We headed out along St Bernards Track towards Jawbone carpark and were quickly climbing upwards through the trees.

At Jawbone Carpark, we stopped for a quick rest break, the first on many and removed some layers now we had warmed up. Continuing to climb upwards, we turned onto Cerberus rd, glad for the wide, well maintained gravel road after the initial narrow switchbacks through the trees.

We stopped for lunch in the shelter at Sugarloaf Saddle, before turning onto the hardest part of the track.

We initially all attempted Wells Cave Track, however the wet rocks and varying abilities in our party had us split up with plans to regroup at Sugarloaf Peak later. Having needed to backtrack almost all the way back to our lunch stop to tackle Canyon Track instead, the more advanced team had time to savour the views at the summit before we regrouped. What a view it was!

Summit View from Cathedral Ranges

Razorback Track quickly became a meditative exercise, watching each hand and foot hold closely to ensure we stayed safely on the track. The Kilometres passed slowly and we were happy to finally reach The Farmyard and finally be descending back to Jawbone Carpark. From the carpark it was a quick walk down the road back to camp, where we packed up our tents and drove back to Melbourne.

Razorback Track at Cathedral Ranges

Our adventure for the weekend wasn’t over, as we came around a corner on the Black Spur and saw a wheel spinning in the bush a couple of metres off the road and the cars in front of us stopping. Having first aid training and supplies in the car, we also stopped to lend first aid assistance, which thankfully wasn’t required as the two people in the car were alive and unhurt. Having seen them safely out of their rolled car and with offers from the cars in front of us to wait for the police and other emergency responders with them, we eventually headed back home for a well earned shower!