Checking out the Snow

It was the weekend before Mudbash and despite earlier plans to use this weekend to finalise getting our new race car ready to race, we shelved those plans for next year to have a relaxing weekend away.

Logistically we ended up heading up on Saturday morning and after turning on the heater in the lodge and dumping our gear, we piled into a car and drove up Mt Margeret in the hope that some of the snow that fell earlier in the week would still be hanging around.

We couldn’t head to the higher Lake Mountain as Louise had brought her dog, a german shepherd called Libby, along with her.

After a slushy drive up the mountain, our hopes for seeing snow were fading by the kilometre, as there’d been some rain after the snow. However, as we were nearing the top we finally caught our first glimpse of snow! Getting more excited, we finally got to the end of the track and parked the car in an area with a light blanketing of snow.

Michael, Louise, Libby and Will at Mt Margaret

We walked around for a while, took some photos and just when you’d least expect it, a snowball would hit you.

On the drive back to the Lodge we stopped off at Coles in Healesville to buy food. We were somewhat unexpectedly joined by Nick in the shop and settled on a BBQ for lunch and a roast for dinner.

At the lodge we got the fire going after lunch and sat around reading, playing poker and liars dice. To play liars dice everyone rolls 5 dice and covers the result, then places bets on the number of dice with a certain face value that had been rolled by everyone. To make matters more complex, a roll of 1 is a wildcard, which counts as any nominated face value. You place ascending bets as to what you think could be in play before someone is called out as a liar and the dice are revealed. If the liar has lied, they then lose a dice, however if the caller is in error, they instead lose a dice!

On Sunday morning we went into Healesville to look at the Market at get coffee at Habituel. Afterwards we headed back to the lodge for lunch and chilled out a bit more. We gradually realised out time was coming to an end and lethargically packed up out gear, cleaned up the lodge, restocked the wood box and wood shed and headed back to Melbourne.