2020 Reflection

We cannot believe how quickly, yet at times incredibly slowly, 2020 passed by. It was a challenging year for the crew, but through our commitment and resilience we remained an active, connected crew.  

I would like to reflect on the year that has been. The year began like any other normal year, with COVID just a whisper on the other side of the world. One weekend that remains a vivid memory was our camping trip to the lodge on the 14th of March, only a couple weeks before our first COVID lockdown began. I liken this weekend to how they must have felt in “tomorrow before the war began”, the feeling of being free, exploring and blissfully ignorant to the sickness that was growing in the city.

Shortly after this trip all of Melbourne entered lockdown, which meant we could no longer meet as a crew, in person. But that did not stop us, we innovated, reinvented our calendar, and created cool new virtual nights. We used discord, zoom, teams and many other platforms to connect and stay an active crew. We were very impressed with the dedication to hold an activity each Monday night, even with all the challenges, and think it helped us all stay sane during lockdown!

Our virtual nights consisted of Age of Empire tournaments, Among Us, craft nights, knitting and learning nights, cooking nights (a crowd favorite) and much more! It was great to see how involved everyone was!

In the middle of the year, we had a little respite, where Dan let us leave the house. We took this opportunity to run wild along the Hawthorn restaurant stretch, collecting and sampling chips. It felt great to be free and from afar we must have seemed like a gang of delinquents.

Sadly, our freedom ended swiftly, and we dove straight back into lockdown. This time the lockdown was longer and harder. But rovers renewed our virtual nights, with vigor, and we got through it yet again!

Finally, nearing the end of the year, the lockdown began easing. We were still constrained to outside activities only, but like the rest of the year we got creative and adapted. A memorable night was our group ride, where we had a great turn out and lovely weather. It felt amazing to be somewhat free again and reconnect in person with our crew.  

This night was followed by more outdoorsy nights including another cycle, geocaching night, and a hike. We were even able to have an in-person Christmas party, shout out to Kay for hosting and Michael for letting us create art with your hair.

Reflecting on 2020, it makes us incredibly proud of the crew and what we have achieved. The friends and team spirit we have within the crew is so valuable and helped immensely throughout the long lockdown months. Hopefully 2021 is a brighter year, but it’s amazing to know that whatever challenges is does present, the crew will remain strong, supportive and fun!