Reflection on 100 years of Rovers

Rovers, a scouting section targeted at young adults aged between 18 and 26, is celebrating 100 years since the very first Rover Crew was formed and as such, we have been reflecting on the history of our movement and our group on this significant occasion. The Old Scotch Collegians Rover Crew was itself formed in June 1931 and has been meeting continuously ever since, this year we celebrated our 87th birthday with cake in the Rover crew’s den. Part of … Read More

Elliott Lodge Renovation

Four-stage master plan nears completion at Elliott Lodge A four-stage master plan at Scotch’s 80 hectare Elliott Lodge property, 9km from Healesville, which is nearing completion, has included upgrading the infrastructure of the property and providing better facilities for the many Scotch groups which visit this beautiful rural property. Elliott Lodge was named for Major General Harold Edward ‘Pompey’ Elliott (1878-1931), a senior Australian army officer during World War I, who donated five acres (2ha) of land at Chum Creek … Read More

Busy and enjoyable times for Rovers

The past few months have been very busy for the Old Scotch Rover Crew. We’ve recently welcomed Yusuke, a Rover from Japan, into the crew while he is studying in Melbourne. It’s been a great opportunity for all of us to learn about each other’s countries. His visit has made us all appreciate how people from across the world can be brought together in the Scouting movement. Meanwhile the Rover Crew has been very active. We helped out the Scout … Read More

Elliott Lodge revisited

In 1928, Major General Harold Edward ‘Pompey’ Elliott (1878-1931), a senior Australian army officer during World War I, donated five acres (2ha) of land at Chum Creek on the Healesville-Toolangi Road for Scotch Scouting purposes. The property and lodge are named for him. Major General Elliott stated that he was inspired by the wonderful help the Scotch Scout Troop had rendered in the development of his son, Neil, who attended Scotch from 1925 to 1930. Tragically, Neil was killed on … Read More

Scouts: Elliott Lodge – great memories of camping amid bush serenity

For many Old Boys who have been part of Scouts at Scotch, Elliott Lodge will hold great memories of camping with their patrols and enjoying the serenity of the lodge and its bush setting.. Elliott Lodge is an 80 hectare property on Chum Creek Road, nine kilometres from Healesville. The property, originally of five acres (two hectares) was donated for Scotch Scouting purposes by Major General Harold Edward ‘Pompey’ Elliott (1878-1931), a senior Australian army officer during World War I. … Read More

Plenty of great Scout Fellowship fun

Members of the Old Scotch Scout Fellowship enjoyed a recent opportunity for some indoor rock climbing. Some of them were rock climbing for the very first time, and found that it was an ideal way to overcome their fear of heights. Everybody who took part had great fun. Several fellowship members attended the family day at the Scotch Scout camp in September, and saw how the Elliott Lodge property has changed since the Black Saturday bushfires. They also saw how … Read More

Remembering the Overland Track

Eight members of a group of senior Scouts who walked Tasmania’s Overland Track 50 years ago got together recently to reminisce, look at slides, and marvel how quickly half a century had passed since the mountain-hopping days of their youth. The Scouts had first walked the track in the summer of 1954/55, and they did it again in 1956/57, 1958/59 and 1960/61. There were other trips to the region after that, but these four trips were all tackled by large … Read More

Big year for Rovers

WORDS: MR ERIC WILSON – ROVER CREW LEADER The Old Scotch Rover Crew had another big year, which included enjoying a social calendar full of excitement, productivity, laughter, and downright muddy fun. The year also included the formation of new Scouting districts. The crew kick-started the calendar with the annual Surfmoot held at Anglesea. This camp is held every year over the Australia Day weekend, and crews from across the state and the nation get together for a few days … Read More

Rovers pitch in to help with bushfire relief

The 1st Hawthorn Scout Group has been affected by the Victorian bushfires, with the Elliott Lodge property having had a number of buildings damaged and destroyed by the fire. With repairs and work on Elliott Lodge unable to go ahead till the risk of fires dies down, the Old Scotch Collegians Rover Crew has given up their time to help in some small way towards bushfire relief. Over several weekends, members of the crew volunteered their time at the Salvation … Read More

Full steam ahead in a fun Rover year

The word is getting out about the Scotch Rover Crew and the fun times it’s enjoying. The crew now has 23 members, more than double its size at the same time last year. It has been a very busy time for the crew. Last December we decided that our new executive committee would again be led by Euan Anderson (’01), with one of the newer members, Rob Haylock, as assistant crew leader – a great leadership duo. The Rovers enjoyed … Read More