Whisky Business Working Bee

The crew headed up to Elliott Lodge this weekend to start working on Whisky Business, our new Mudbash car.

We started out by removing some of the excess weight in the car, such as the rear seats, rear seatbelts and boot trim. After disconnecting the battery, we removed the rear speakers and then attempted to remove the amplifier, however were soon stumped, with no clear method of removal visible. We snuck back to the Lodge to quickly YouTube ‘how to remove a car stereo’ and then returned to the car to put our new knowledge into practice. Finally, after several attempts and almost giving up, we eventually removed the stereo and CD player.

Michael helping Michael to remove the rear seats

We still have a lot of work to do on the car before it meets race specifications, including several large items such as installing a roll cage still to come.

With our aim for the weekend completed, we went back to the lodge and spent some time splitting firewood. We decided to stop after splitting the splitter’s handle!

A few rounds of dice and a quick hit of cricket on the MCG followed. Deciding that we’d accomplished enough for the day, we relaxed in the Lodge and cooked up some delicious burgers for dinner and played a few rounds of 500.