Sweltering at Surfmoot


Looking at the forecast, we knew this Surfmoot was going to be a scorcher, so we brought along containers to freeze large blocks of ice to keep our food and drinks cold for the entire weekend. We planned our menu and checked over the gear we would be taking before finishing the night by organising car pooling and making sure every question was answered.


Sitting at home I listened to John Faine talk about how today was going to be record-breaking day with temperatures forecast for 44°C or 115°F. The temperatures were already climbing well into the 30’s as we met up at the hall, which was nice in comparison to the rest of the day…

We were immediately greeted with an unusual situation, with a tree having blown down at HA Smith Reserve next to our hall. Police had cordoned off the road and arborists were stuck into making the tree safe again. Trams were no longer able to run, so we handed out some cold water from the hall’s fridge to the drivers as they waited for the power to be restored.

Police controlling traffic

Next, we picked up the trailer from Scotch College and opened up the scout hall to grab the gear we’d need for the weekend. The trailer sat in the sun and quickly grew hot to the touch. Our sweat dotted the trailer as we packed it high with ice boxes, tables, our kitchen box (nicknamed the Tardis, since it has everything), lights, a tunnel tent and heaps more. Water bottles were in constant demand and were frequently found empty.

Winston helping to pack the trailer

At last we wiped our brows a final time and piled into the car and cranked the aircon up high, while we stared at the thermometer readout in horror. 45°C is simply too hot to easily comprehend.

We stopped off in Torquay and got Fish and Chips for lunch and killed some time by the beach as we waited for the gates to open at Surfmoot. Torquay was pleasantly cool in comparison to Melbourne, as the cool change had come through.

Torquay Beach

Once at Surfmoot, we efficiently set up our campsite, such that we could enjoy some shade and a nice cold drink after a long, hot day.


Saturday began my putting on our uniform and heading up to the Chapel for Michelle’s Wood Bead Presentation. Michelle is Melbourne Region’s Chair and we congratulate her on her wonderful achievement! After the presentation, we caught up with other Rovers from the region over cupcakes, cheese, charcuterie and refreshingly cool water.

Tasty Wood-Bead themed cupcakes!

The crew then got changed into our bathers and headed into Anglesea for our annual Jum’s lunch, before heading to the beach. At the beach we swam in the ocean, which was refreshingly cold, then dried off by playing some beach cricket and throwing a vortex.

Saturday night we listened to the live bands, and quickly decided we liked covers more than the original music, played cards and caught up with mates from all around Australia.


Sunday was a day of relaxation, starting with a cooked breakfast of bacon and egg rolls. This spiralled into numerous card games, dice games and stories.

For dinner we had Spaghetti Marinara, defrosting the sauce that we had pre-cooked and frozen. We continued our trend of over-catering for dinner, however we much prefer having too much rather than running out of food and going hungry!

After dinner it was back to the stage, where we listened to another live band, who were really good, before the DJ took over late into the night. There was one minor scare when the power to the speaker cut out, however it was quickly fixed by the entertainment team and the party barely skipped a beat!


The remaining eggs were cooked and fuelled our packing up of our site. Rubbish was bagged and put by the road, tables were cleared, tents pulled down and finally the trailer was re-packed.

All packed up and ready to head home

A quick stop on the way home for lunch and we were back at the scout hall, where we laboriously unpacked the trailer and returned it to Scotch. The Ice boxes were wiped down and the last of the washing up was done before the leftover food was divided up amongst us.

With everything done, we said our goodbyes and went our seperate ways to wash out the dust* of yet another awesome Surfmoot.

*we have been reliably informed that Surfmoot was not dusty at all and it was dust blown off of tents that had returned from Jamboree that made us think it was dusty