Giving back at Scout Camp

Scout Camp Flagpole and Bonfire Kindling 2018

Service and Rovers go hand in hand, with our supporting community working to everyone’s benefit. This past weekend we visited our scout section on their annual main camp and had a really awesome time. Arriving on Friday night, we were greeted by scouts cooking dinner on their campfires and set up our own quarters for the night nearby.

Saturday morning we were joined by some more Rovers and helped teach the scouts some new knots and used those knots to build a flagpole for the family day parade and we also found some spare time to level off the bonfire pit and prepare some kindling for Saturday Night’s fire.

It was amazing to see so many scouts earning their pioneer badges at the parade, especially with their proud families looking on and we hear the scouts are looking forward to the upcoming Jamboree, we’re sure you’ll have a fantastic time!

That night, after the scouts assisted us in moving some larger wood down to the bonfire pit, we lit the fire (on the third attempt, after the first two matches didn’t like us). By the time the scouts had cooked dinner and cleaned up, we had some nice developed embers to sit around. The scouts proceeded to reflect on what they’d enjoyed this year at scouts and cooked some popcorn on the fire with varying levels of success.

Sunday morning we assisted the scouts in cleaning up the camp, which involved laying out all the tents in the Cherry Wilson to dry, restocking the woodshed a little, cleaning up a pile of compost that had been left in front of the woodshed, checking the patrol boxes had been cleaned and dried and ensuring the bonfire was completely out.

It was lovely to spend some time with the scout troop and meet a couple of the parents at family day and we hope to see you all again next year!