Action Packed Winter

The Old Scotch Rovers have had an action packed winter, with several trips to the snow and numerous other activities. We have also recently had Mudbash, which unfortunately only a few members were able to attend due to exams, but a great time was had by all who went. There has also been MARB, (Metropolitan Area Rover Ball) which an impressive 14 members of the crew participated in, all having an awesome night, and meeting quite a few rovers from other crews as well. The theme for this year’s MARB was “I’ve got the music in me” and after much debate Old Scotch dressed up as ‘Singing in the Rain’, complete with umbrella hats and yellow ponchos.

We have placed many of our skills to the test recently, by organising nights such as an inter-crew pool competition, which Old Scotch won by sheer numbers, and an Iron Chef night. The secret ingredient was peanut butter, and unfortunately some of the recipes of the ‘creations’ from the night seem to have been misplaced… A few members also recently travelled to Warburton for a bike ride around the district, and had a fun time and gained only a few bruises from the experience.

Mat Le (‘96) has been ‘Booted’ from the crew upon reaching the age of 26, and will be sorely missed by the crew. Perspective members to join the crew are David Stillwell (‘03), John Jardine (‘98), Claire Maddison, Andrew Hebblethwaite and Jorden Caldwell.

We have a fun-filled program for the remainder of 2004, with events such as Heavy Rubbish Night, Tent Erection Night, a Christmas in July (in August) and a Squire Training weekend for all the new members of the crew. We are also planning trips to the Driving Range, the Melbourne Aquatic Centre, a dog walking night and roller blading (on different nights) and a yoga night as well as many other activities. We are hoping to run a stunt on the Venturer camp VG (Victoria Gathering) in December this year.

We would invite anyone from the ages 18 to 26 to join us if you are interested in any of the activities we have mentioned. Inquires to Crew Leader Ben Hallenstein (’99) (mobile: 0401 752 025) or Assistant Crew Leader Katherine McDonald

(mobile: 0410 277 082).

Originally published in Great Scot magazine.