Kosciusko Trip – end of ’94

After 7 hours drive we arrived at about 3pm The rest of the afternoon was spent looking around Thredbo Village and “settling in”. On our tour around Thredbo, Al started to talk to some Swedes and of course invited Helianna and Jon to stay. After a delicious roast we went to the Black Bear Inn for an Austrian beer.

Arising early we packed and got ready for our hike. The Swedes came with us. We caught the Crackenback chair to the top and Al, Nick, and Cate went in a Downhill slalom race. Al and Cate made it to the semi finals. Nick and Stu had a leisure ski while Katherine was our chief photographer.
The skis were returned and the packs picked up and we trudged on to Mt Kosciusko for a 360 degree view at 2228m. AWSOME VIEW!
Pitched tents alter a good days hike near Lake Albina, after cooking tea the Swedes taught us the animal game. Good fun!!

Hiked up a huge hill to get back on track and hiked onto Blue Lake for lunch. After lunch, Stu, Nick and al climbed to the top of Mt Twynam to meet up with Caz and Joel. Katherine, Cate and Al carried the packs to the top where the others met us.
Camped with Caz, Joel, Scott and John around the comer near a spectacular snow drift. The wind was a little chilly, however after our pancakes and a chat with the others we all retired for the night.

Rose early and packed up then hiked to Charlottes pass for breakfast. We met the nice park ranger, Trica Waters. After a bit of a chat and heaps of persuasion we convinced her to transport our packs to Rawsons Pass. An enjoyable walk along the “old Kosi Road”, past seamans hut, to the top, was had by all.
A short rest and we started our final part of the walk back down to the Crackenback chair. It was good to get back to the lodge for a nice hot shower.

Today we went to Canberra for the day. Stu and Katherine went to the Aids exhibition while Nick, Al and Cate spent 2 1/2 hours shopping. To our surprise, Al met up with Jon and Helianna, our Swedish friends.
We managed to tour Parliament House before it closed for the day.
Night clubbing was the go for the night. Nick had a funny dream that he was jumped on during the night. Funny that. We had a dream that we jumped on Nick during the night!!!!

New Years Eve. How exciting.
We all slept in until about 11:00- 11:30 . Katherine, Nick and Stu went for a ride on the Ski Tube which runs through the mountain. Al and Cate did some serious bludging
(which included sleeping for Al) before the others returned.
At about 9:30 – 10:00 we rang our parents to wish them a Happy New Year, However somehow at 12.00 there were a few stray calls made to friends that we knew
would be in bed.
3:30 -4:00 most of us crashed into bed except for Al. He was still out raging with some new found friends and somehow became the first person to Tee off at the Thredbo golf course for 1995. WELL DONE AL! ! ! !

Day for recovery and playing 500, after we all got up at about 11:00 -11:30. Also a day for reminiscing about the night before.

A team extort to clean up the flat and to pack the cars. Once completed there were two rides on the toboggan slide for Al and Nick, While Cate had her own fun trying to roll start her car down the hill. We picked up Al and Nick and cruised onto Melbourne.